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Sexual Assault

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Our firm recently defended B.T of a single count of sexual assault. The complainant and Mr. B.T. met on a social networking dating app. They met up and Mr. B.T. described to his lawyer that he had what he thought was consensual sex with the complainant. He described his romantic moves as well as her romantic moves. Ms. Williamson believed her client. Despite the fears and pressures, they went to trial.

The complainant testified that Mr. B.T. forced her to have sex with him and described the various ways in which he did so. Mr. B.T also testified and explained to the justice hearing his case on what happened and why he believed it was consensual. After all the evidence was in, both the prosecutor and Ms. Williamson argued the case.

This type of case often comes down to the complainant’s version of events against the accused person’s version of events. It is not a simple analysis that is conducted by the court. There is a multi-step legal analysis that must be conducted in which there are multiple paths to an acquittal. When assessing the credibility of witnesses, some courts consider the firmness in the witness’s memory, how this evidence mingles with other evidence, how or if the testimony changes during cross-examination, whether the witness has a motive to lie and the demeanor of the witness in general. It is critically important to work with your lawyer if you will be giving evidence.

In the end, the justice found that Mr. B.T was not guilty of sexual assault. Our client cried with relief. The pressure and fear he carried around with him every day waiting for his trial felt like an albatross around his neck. He was deeply upset that he was accused of something he did not do. He was fearful of going to jail. He was devastated. Ms. Williamson met with Mr. B.T. several times. They properly prepared for trial, and in the end they were successful.

If you have been charged with sexual assault, it is critical that you retain a lawyer that has experience with this type of offence and who has credibility among his or her peers and within the justice system. We are here for you at Ross Lutz Barristers. Our experience is your best defence.

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