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Criminal Defence

The team at Ross Lutz Barristers is a collective of independent legal practitioners from different backgrounds and firms working together to provide our clients with the best legal representation possible

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Experienced Defence Lawyers

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Kim Ross

Criminal Offence Explained By Kim Ross

Have you been charged with a criminal Offence? Or, have you been contacted by the police? We are the legal firm to come speak to. Ross Lutz Barristers have close to 100 years of experience!

Jim Lutz

Domestic Assault Charge

Have you been charged with a domestic assault? Frist Off, do NOT contact your spouse to try and make the domestic assault charge go away. Always remember, the police are not there to help you. Contact Jim Lutz right away!

Jillian Williamson

Under Criminal Investigation?

You should contact us immediately if you have been contacted by the police or under criminal investigation. Do NOT take matters in your own hands. We are a highly experienced criminal defence law firm.

Alias Sanders

Wrongful Convictions

Do wrongful criminal convictions happen? Absolutely! wrongful conviction happen all the time. Ross Lutz Barristers are highly experienced in dealing with appeal and reversal cases.

About Ross Lutz Barristers

Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers

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When you’re in the process of being investigated and charged or looking for someone to represent your loved one, it’s essential to find a defence lawyer who’s experienced and ready to protect your rights. Our team has years of experience defending clients in criminal court.

Representation That Works For You

Our experienced team is here to work for you and find the best possible outcome for your particular case. No case is exactly the same, so it’s vital to find a lawyer who knows the law and is well-practiced to find the best possible defence strategy and end result.

Fighting For The Best Result

No matter what you’re being accused of, we will find the best solution that works in your favour. Whether it’s getting the charge thrown out, reducing your sentence, or helping you maintain your innocence, we will do our absolute best to fight for your freedom.

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Criminal Law Practice Areas

Criminal Defence Lawyers

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Are You A Suspect?

Protecting yourself before you’ve been charged with a crime is essential. Talk to a criminal defence lawyer today.

Under Investigation

Sexual Assault

Sexual Offences & Violence

Sexual offence charges are terrifying and life-changing. Let us handle your case. We’ll listen to both sides of the story.

Sex Assault

Bail & More

Lawyers For Bail Hearings

You only have one chance at bail. This first step is critical in shaping the potential outcome of your case.

Bail & Bail Hearings


forcible confinement & abduction

Kidnapping is one of the more serious crimes you can commit. We will aggressively defend you in these cases.

Abduction & Confinement

Drug Charges

Possession & Importation

Our lawyers have successfully represented individuals charged with possession, trafficking, and production.

Drug Charges


Manslaughter & Murder

Finding the right legal representation to defend you is vital to avoid serving the maximum jail time.

Homicide & Murder

Fraud Charges

We can help

Are you currently facing fraud charges? Whether you’re facing a major or minor charge, we can help.

Fraud Charges

Youth Offences

Lawyers To Defend Your Child

Youth court has different rules and legislation. Find a lawyer that is well-practiced to best defend your child.

Juvenile Charges

Violent Offences

Assault, Robbery & Harassment

Violent offences are viewed seriously by the Crown. It is critical to retain an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Robbery & Assault

Appeals & Reversal

Appellate Lawyer

Are you looking for an experienced lawyer to handle getting your charges reversed through an appeal? Appeals are complicated. Contact us today.

Appeals & Reversal

Animal Cruelty

Defence Against Animal Cruelty

When you’re facing animal cruelty or abuse charges, you must find a good defence lawyer.

Animal Cruelty Charges

Assault Charges

Intentional Application Of Force

If you're facing assault charges, you could be liable for a sentence of up to five years. Let us defend you today.

Assault Charges

Experinced Defence Lawyers

Need A Lawyer?

Our Defence Lawyers

Pick The Best Representation For Your Case

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Kim Ross Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Kim Ross

Handled more than 5,000 cases

Kim was called to the Alberta Bar in 1988 and has since spent his career focused on criminal law. He is exceptionally experienced with over 5,000 cases and 32 years of practice under his belt.

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Jim Lutz Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Jim Lutz

Over 30 Years Of Experience

Jim is a criminal trial defence lawyer. His practice covers everything from serious violent offences to drug cases involving illegal search and seizure of evidence and complex defence cases.

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Alias Sanders Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Alias Sanders

Vast Knowledge Of Case Law

Alias has argued over 200 cases at the Alberta Court of Appeal and is also regarded for her encyclopedic knowledge of case law. She will take apart complex arguments for your defence.

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Matthew DeShaye Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Matthew DeShaye

Tirelessly Defending You

Matthew has extensive experience successfully defending clients charged with a broad range of criminal offences, including impaired driving, drug related charges, violent offences, and sexual assault cases.

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Jillian Williamson Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Jillian Williamson

Client-Centered Focus

Jillian is an experienced litigator in criminal, quasi-criminal and regulatory cases. She has extensive experience in sexual assault litigation and has argued at all levels of court in Alberta.

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Our Clients' Experience

Clients We Have Defended Successfully

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Shawn Z

Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

Jillian Williamson is a professional lawyer who always want to help people to step out their trouble in her field. She is smart, dedicated, and efficient. She is compassionate and willing to help those in need. So, when you are in trouble, consider her first.

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Cody Richards

Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

I highly recommend Matthew Deshaye. I got charged with a DUI and Matt did an exceptional job he got it thrown out before trial. He kept me up to date as soon as he had any information. His assistant Dina Kruskic was amazing and very helpful with any questions I had. I can’t thank these two professionals enough for helping me get through this difficult situation in my life. 15/10

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Andre Aquino

Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

Thank you Jillian for helping me when I was under review of the police. I was so scared when I got contacted and I didn’t know what to do. Thank you for taking the time to help me and for everything she did. Jillian was great and I highly recommend her.

Criminal Law Practice Areas

Qualified Defence Law Team

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Hiring Ross Lutz Barristers Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Finding The Right Representation

Choosing the right representation for your case is essential. Building the best possible case starts with choosing the right defence lawyer to put your trust in.

When you choose Ross Lutz Barristers, you can rest easy knowing we will aggressively fight for your best outcome.

  • Experienced & Qualified Defence Lawyers
  • Well-Practiced In Many Areas Of Criminal Law
  • Defended Cases In Every Level Of Court
  • Combined 100 Years Of Experience Across Canada