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domestic assault lawyer serving calgary

domestic assault
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If you have been charged with domestic violence, all is not lost. Our qualified team of domestic assault lawyers can defend you in your domestic violence case.

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Protecting Your Legal Rights

Working For Your Best interest

When you hire a lawyer through Ross Lutz Barristers, we will be with you through every step of the way, from pre-charges and investigation up to the potential trial.

We Will Protect You

Our team will protect you from unlawful questioning and help you enforce your rights when dealing with law enforcement.

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We will defend you with everything we have to offer. We understand how to deal with criminal charges of any kind. With 98 years of advocacy work in the administration of justice, you can count on us to protect you against your domestic violence charge.

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Ross Lutz Barristers Domestic Assault Lawyer Kim Ross

HAve You Been Charged With Domestic Violence?

What Should You Do?

A domestic violence charge is a serious offence that could ruin your life. Contact us today if you have been charged or are under investigation for a domestic violence charge. Without the right legal representation, you could face harsher punishment.

Steps To Take When You Are Charged

  • Do not contact your Spouse

    After being charged, one of the biggest mistakes people make is contacting their spouse. Contact us instead, and we can figure out what the next steps are in dismissing your charges.

  • Contact Us Immediately

    Speak to one of our experienced lawyers right now. When you have been arrested, we offer 24/7 free consultations.

  • Get Legal Advice

    Hiring us immediately will help you from incriminating yourself in any further discussions with law enforcement.

  • Make Bail

    It can be difficult to build a case when you cannot meet freely with us. Pursuing interim release on bail is the first step in your defence. We can help.

Our Clients' Experience

Clients We Have Defended Successfully

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A. Taylor

Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

Jillian has gone above and beyond for my family during a hard time. She has taken a bad situation and given us some peace of mind through out all of it. Great communication and always there when we have any questions or need anything! Genuinely feel like they care about your situation, making it a comfortable environment while maintaining great levels of professionalism!

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E. Giffen

Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

If you want the good type of Lawyer that listens and believes in you 100% Jillian is the lawyer for you shes not good shes amazing at what she does. WITH Jillian being my lawyer I have confidence in winning in trial. Jillian is very intelligent and knows what shes doing in the court room! She is personal about what you are going through in the most professional manner. There is good lawyers but she is even better with flying colors she sees your legal issue and nothing gets in her way when it comes to defending your matter. I have had Jillian represent me on a few matters and she has won every time!! She is always responsive and on time very organized quickly to help but always proper. I definitely suggest not to miss out on an opportunity to win in court Jillian Williamson is top notch!

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S. Davidson

Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

Jillian helped me with an assault serious charge. She explained I was facing jail. I was terribly scared. She was responsive and always answered my calls or emailed me back quickly. She asked me to do certain things and I had to meet with her bunch of times. She explained I was facing jail. It did take a long time to get to court. But when we finally did she made it so I won't even have a criminal record. I didn't think that was going to happen but the judge agreed with her. I highly recommend.

Our Defence Lawyers

Pick The Best Representation For Your Case

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Kim Ross Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Kim Ross

Handled more than 5,000 cases

Kim was called to the Alberta Bar in 1988 and has since spent his career focused on criminal law. He is exceptionally experienced with over 5,000 cases and 32 years of practice under his belt.

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Jim Lutz Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Jim Lutz

Over 30 Years Of Experience

Jim is a criminal trial defence lawyer. His practice covers everything from serious violent offences to drug cases involving illegal search and seizure of evidence and complex defence cases.

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Alias Sanders Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Alias Sanders

Vast Knowledge Of Case Law

Alias has argued over 200 cases at the Alberta Court of Appeal and is also regarded for her encyclopedic knowledge of case law. She will take apart complex arguments for your defence.

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Matthew DeShaye Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Matthew DeShaye

Tirelessly Defending You

Matthew has extensive experience successfully defending clients charged with a broad range of criminal offences, including impaired driving, drug related charges, violent offences, and sexual assault cases.

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Jillian Williamson Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Jillian Williamson

Client-Centered Focus

Jillian is an experienced litigator in criminal, quasi-criminal and regulatory cases. She has extensive experience in sexual assault litigation and has argued at all levels of court in Alberta.

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Understanding Domestic Assault

Let US Defend You

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Domestic violence involves the act of one person in an intimate relationship gaining and maintaining control over the other person and dominating them by means of physical or emotional violence. Domestic abuse is a serious crime, with severe repercussions when not handled correctly by qualified criminal defence lawyers.

Hire the Right LAwyer

Depending on the severity of the alleged domestic violence charges, there may be a period of imprisonment, and potential for a lasting criminal record, if convicted. Having the correct team of criminal defence lawyers to represent you in your time of need is critical. 

WE are Here To Help

Contact us to meet with one of our lawyers. We will establish the best course of action moving forward and skillfully and strategically build your defence against your domestic violence charges.

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