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Illegal Search


Three individuals had their apartment raided by Calgary Police Serious Habitual Offender and District Operations Teams. The investigation began as a search for evidence of a shooting that happened earlier in the month. Police obtained a warrant and searched the apartment finding drug production equipment, body armour, drugs as well as a handgun and taser.

During our pre-trial preparation, a Charter Notice was filed asking the Court to throw out the evidence of the handgun, taser, body armour, drugs and drug production equipment as being illegally obtained.

Upon further review, it was pointed out the warrant was defective as missing several necessary parts making the search illegal. The Crown directed a stay of proceedings and the matter never went to trial.

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When you’re facing possible jail time over a fraud charge, it’s important to find the right defence lawyer. Our defence lawyers team can help make sure you are well represented, and your rights are being protected.

We will advocate in your best interest to make sure you aren’t unjustly charged.

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