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If you’re facing criminal charges, navigating the court system on your own is incredibly challenging. Fortunately, our criminal defence lawyers will explain the entire process. We will review and assess the criminal case against you. Finally we will create a strong defence, and get you the best possible outcome.

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Criminal Lawyers In Lethbridge

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Our knowledgeable team will review the case filed against you, uncover various areas of defence, and exploit those areas to introduce pieces of evidence strong enough to raise a reasonable doubt. Remember, the prosecutor must successfully prove their case against you, and our criminal lawyers will fight tirelessly to exclude the evidence produced against you.

Experienced Criminal DEFENCE Lawyers In Lethbridge

Lawyers that Defend your Rights

A criminal charge may not only result in a criminal record but also have a devasting impact on every aspect of your life. If facing criminal charges, you need trustworthy lawyers to represent you. At Alberta Legal, we are ready to walk with you at every step. Whether you’ve just been contacted by the police, or you need to appeal a conviction, we’re here to offer the legal representation you need to get a favourable outcome. Our lawyers will educate and support you throughout the litigation process.

We are Experienced Defense Lawyers

Our team consists of criminal defence lawyers with over 100 years of combined experience. Our lawyers come with the knowledge and courtroom experience needed to represent you and fight for your freedom. You have many rights, and it is important to be aware of them. We offer experienced and trustworthy legal advice to guide you through this difficult time.

Reputable Criminal Lawyers in Alberta

Being charged with any offence is a stressful and overwhelming experience that impacts different aspects of your life. Alberta Legal focuses on all criminal matters, including the complex, difficult and often precedent-setting cases that need a high level of experience. Our lawyers pursue difficult cases that pave the way to a fairer legal system throughout Canada.

“I was so scared, and I was always thinking I have this case against me and how I am going to win this case, how am I going to survive… Whenever I asked questions or whenever I worried … I talked to her she was always there to help me….. She won the case because she is that good, I was in tears I couldn’t say a single word to her, but I said you saved my life” Former Client, Calgary, Alberta


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Criminal Law Practice Areas

Criminal Lawyers Serving Lethbridge

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Our law firm serves the residents of Lethbridge and surrounding areas. Each lawyer in our law firm takes pride in having many years of experience practicing criminal defence law and delivering exceptional legal counsel and client service. Here are our practice areas.

Alberta Legal – Lethbridge criminal lawyers

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Whether you’re facing a criminal assault matters or drugs allegations a criminal conviction can have lifelong consequences. Alberta Legal will fight to protect your rights. Our criminal lawyers will begin by making sure you know what your rights are and then passionately advocate for you. We serve with the basic principle that everyone deserves access to justice. We are highly skilled lawyers who care about you and fight to get the best result.

Protecting your Rights

Our criminal lawyers have years of experience defending people facing a broad range of charges, including sexual assault offences, drug charges, impaired driving and even murder. We offer reliable legal representation to give you the best chance at getting an advantageous outcome in your case. As criminal law legal professionals, we’ve argued cases throughout Canadian courts and also been actively involved in the community providing opinions on complex legal issues to other lawyers and organizations.

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Kim Ross

Criminal Offence Explained By Kim Ross

If arrested and charged with a criminal offence, you may end up with a criminal record that can instantly transform your life. In any background check, past criminal charges can come up and limit your future opportunities. It’s important to get a qualified criminal lawyer to represent you in court.

Jim Lutz

Domestic Assault Charge

You cannot make a domestic assault charge simply go away by trying to negotiate with your spouse. Jim’s experience in domestic assault cases is deep and broad. When handling assault charges, Jim’s approach is a blend of fierce advocacy and compassionate concern.

Jillian Williamson

Under Criminal Investigation?

Are you under a criminal investigation? The first course of action should be to call a criminal lawyer who will guide you through the litigation process and educate you on your rights.

Alias Sanders

Wrongful Convictions

If you have been convicted of an offence and you want a review of the case, you’ll need sound legal advice to file an appeal. Alias Sanders can walk you through this process.


Need A Criminal Lawyer In Lethbridge?

Our team of criminal lawyers in Lethbridge

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Jillian Williamson Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Jillian Williamson

Client-Centered Focus

Jillian is a result-oriented and highly responsive criminal lawyer who can assist you. She comes highly recommended as one of the most respectful and helpful legal professionals. She has practiced at all levels of courts and her results speak for themselves.

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Jim Lutz Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Jim Lutz

Over 30 years of experience

When you’ve been charged with a serious crime, it is critical that you find an experienced lawyer. Talking to a lawyer will help ensure your rights are protected. Get in touch with Jim Lutz today.

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Alias Sanders Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Alias Sanders

Vast knowledge of case law

Alias has extensive experience successfully defending clients who have been wrongfully convicted for crimes they did not commit. She is known to develop strong arguments even for the most complex of cases.

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Our Client’s Experience

Clients We Helped Successfully

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Liam Nelson

Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal

Dedication, Support, Ethic, Knowledge, Experience, Sharp and Direct. All the qualities your are looking for in a lawyer, they have it all and some. But JILLIAN WILLIAMSON was my guardian angel. Being a Client, I was comfortable to blindly leave my fate in their hands. That was a real well placed investment in the future of my life. I second, promote, referred and all the synonym possible to anybody facing an up hill battle and needs the support and experience to help you go through it.

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K. V

Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal

I am so very pleased with the work Mathew Deshaye put into my case! He genuinely is a good person, and is determined to get justice. Matthew is extremely professional and I couldn’t have been happier with having him represent me. I’m glad that I could work with him. Dina his assistant was also great with communicating back and forth with me. I made the right choice by retaining Matthew as my lawyer and I hope you do the same. I am in tears with how grateful I am. I’m so very thankful for the work and research that went into helping me with my case! Thank you! 🙂

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Jan Ciganik

Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal

I was involved in a motor vehicle case and I knew I needed outstanding representation. Jim Lutz, Lacey and his team were nothing short of perfection. I was thoroughly impressed how he handled my case with expedited tenacity. The judicial system can be very confusing with how everything works ,but Mr. Lutz was very easy to communicate with and simplified everything. If you need a lawyer who is on the ball, Jim without a question is the person who should represent you. I highly recommend Mr. Lutz and his team! Thank you very much Sir and your team for all outstanding professional services.

Criminal Law Practice Areas

Qualified lawyers providing legal help in Lethbridge

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Hiring Alberta Legal Calgary Criminal Lawyer

If you need a strong advocate in your corner to help deal with the criminal charges you’re facing, Alberta Legal is here for you. Our lawyers defend clients charged with all types of criminal offences ranging from sexual assault, drug trafficking, fraud, domestic violence, and murder. Our criminal lawyers have established a strong reputation in Canadian courts and take pride in offering professional legal representation at every stage of the proceedings. Our lawyers will resolve criminal matters efficiently and effectively.

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