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We know that being under investigation or charged is a stressful ordeal. We are here to ease that stress however we can. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

The police want to talk to me about a crime they think i'm involved in, what should i do?

When law enforcement is conducting an investigation, it’s important to remember that you have a right to silence. It is your choice to co-operate with the police. You are under no obligation to talk to law enforcement and help with their investigation.

If you believe that you are a suspect, you should immediately contact a lawyer to avoid incriminating yourself.

Do i really need a criminal defence lawyer?

Hiring a defence lawyer that has the knowledge and experience to look at your case is essential. People underestimate how important legal representation is, especially when you’re charged for something that could be life-changing.

Having a criminal record could deprive you of future employment and housing, so taking steps to talk to a defence lawyer is a great move. At Alberta Legal, we offer free consultations. This initial consultation allows us to learn some of your case’s particulars and determine the defence you deserve.

My child/relative/friend/spouse has just been arrested. How do i bail them out?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. When the alleged offenders are arrested, they must wait for their bail hearing to see if they should be released back into the public while they await trial. The law only requires that police bring the alleged offenders to the court within 24 hours.

Bail hearings happen quickly, so the first step is to contact a defence lawyer to advise you on the process. Since you want to bail out the alleged offender, you are considered the “surety.” You must fit the minimum requirements for a surety.

The requirements are as follows:

  • No Criminal Record
  • Over The Age Of 21
  • Being Able To Supervise The Accused
  • Paying The Specified Amount, If Payment Is Required
  • Attend Court On The Day Of The Bail Hearing

I have been falsely accused of a crime, what can i do?

Sometimes the suspects in criminal cases are not always guilty, and it’s essential to take steps to protect and preserve your innocence.

The first step is to seek legal counsel, so you do not accidentally incriminate yourself during the investigation process. Even if you are not found guilty of this crime, being charged can negatively affect your future.

what is an appeal, and how does it work?

If you have been convicted of an offence, you have the right to appeal. You or your loved one may face a period of incarceration or other collateral consequences that flow from a conviction such as a criminal record that will impact your future employment or travel ability.

Appeals are very different than trials. The evidence presented at the trial will be carefully analyzed. Your appellate lawyer will argue the appeal based on the legal error identified and alleged. An appeal is not a redo of the trial. Appeals are incredibly technical, and therefore we highly recommend retaining an experienced appellate lawyer.

do you offer free consultations?

Yes! Here at Alberta Legal, we believe in meeting and evaluating your case before moving forward. We don’t believe in billing you for a consultation.

Why should I hire a criminal lawyer to help me with my criminal charges?

It is important to understand that you have the right to represent yourself before the criminal court system. However, our experienced Calgary criminal defence lawyers will apply our skills and experience to build the a decent defence and strategy to get the outcome you deserve.

We understand and apply the law, we know the rules of evidence, and we know the rules of court. Every case is different and requires a unique and strategic approach. Navigating the criminal justice system is frustrating on a good day but nearly impossible without a skilled lawyer at the helm.

Choosing to represent yourself can lead to unnecessary and permanent consequences. The smartest action you can take after you have been charged with a criminal offence is to retain the most experienced lawyer you can afford.

The next action you can take is working with your lawyer by participating in the process, attending meetings and taking any steps your lawyer recommends.

Contact Alberta Legal for an initial no cost and no commitment consultation.

How do I prepare for my first meeting with my criminal defence lawyer, and what should I expect?

You should expect one of our lawyers to accommodate your preference in how we meet with you. You have the option of meeting with one of us in person, by telephone or virtually via an online meeting program.

At Alberta Legal, we meet potential clients at no charge to offer general information about their case and explain the benefits of hiring one of our experienced lawyers to assist with their legal problems. You should know that most criminal lawyers charge a flat rate for their services based on their experience. At Alberta Legal, we do not offer you one fee for a guilty plea and another fee for a trial. We believe that this is a disadvantage to you because it may persuade you to plead guilty when you otherwise would not.

At Alberta Legal, we are trial lawyers. We are in court every single day getting the deal our clients deserve, and we don’t do that by pleading people guilty on a regular basis.

You should prepare for your meeting by bringing any paperwork you have that relates to your case. Our lawyers will either send you a form to fill out in advance or at the beginning of the meeting. Some of the information collected is required pursuant to the Law Society of Alberta.

First, we will speak to you about confidentiality and solicitor-client privilege and how these ideas work at this initial stage. Next, we will discuss the events that led to the criminal allegation. Finally, we will explain the next steps and the overall process.

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