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If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offence, it’s essential that you speak to a dedicated and skilled criminal defence lawyer in Calgary and Airdrie to walk this journey with you.

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Airdrie Criminal Defence Lawyers

Our Promise

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We are determined to fight relentlessly on your behalf. When you come to us for legal representation, we will explain your rights and options and make use of all the resources we have to investigate every angle of your case. We leave no stone unturned. We collect every last detail of the circumstances leading to the allegations you face. Our goal is to provide a strong defence strategy and achieve a successful outcome.

Experienced Defence  Lawyers

We bring extensive experience in criminal matters

No matter the type of false allegations you face, our lawyers will examine every factor to help prove your innocence or create reasonable doubt. Our track record of winning cases speaks for itself. We promise to work hard for every client, big or small. If you have been charged with any criminal offence, we will work towards reducing your overall risk whether that is avoiding a criminal record or working towards obtaining the lowest sentence possible.. Get legal assistance without any delay. Alberta Legal is ready to help.

We put our clients first

Connect with an experienced criminal defence lawyer at Alberta Legal today. A criminal conviction could mean jail time, hefty fines, and a life-changing criminal record. At our law offices, we strive to help you maintain a normal life by addressing the criminal charges you face head-on. We understand how the charges you face can take away your freedom and reputation, which is why we work with experienced investigators to secure evidence before it disappears. Prompt investigations can mean the difference between a guilty verdict and walking away free. Don’t wait; call our criminal defence lawyer today.

We have a proven track record of success

We have extensive knowledge of criminal defence litigation, which gives us an upper hand when fighting cases on behalf of our clients. We never push our clients to just take a deal. We are ready to take the case to trial and fight for their rights and interests. Our lawyers understand that no two cases are the same. That’s why we use a personalized approach when building a defence strategy for every case. If you or a family member was accused by the police, call our law office today.

Listen to What Our Clients Say

“I was so scared, and I was always thinking I have this case against me and how I am going to win this case, how am I going to survive… Whenever I asked questions or whenever I worried … I talked to her she was always there to help me….. She won the case because she is that good, I was in tears I couldn’t say a single word to her, but I said you saved my life” Former Client, Calgary, Alberta

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Criminal Law Practice Areas

Criminal Lawyers Airdrie

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If you’re falsely accused of a crime in Airdrie, then the law office of Alberta Legal can help. We will fight to have all false allegations against you dismissed. Our Airdrie criminal defence lawyers pay attention to detail for every single client. We charge very reasonable legal fees and even offer our clients a payment plan to increase their chances of success.

Airdrie Criminal – Lawyers

We Deliver Results

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Our Airdrie criminal defence lawyers work hard to ensure that no innocent client receives a guilty verdict. We have represented cases in different Alberta courts, had charges dismissed and won in multiple hearings and trials. For clients who receive a guilty verdict, we strive to minimize the sentence and get the charges reduced. Our goal is to minimize the chances of a conviction ruining your life.

Our Team  Will Work Tirelessly To Protect Your Interests

Whether you are facing sexual assault charges, drug offences or even more severe allegations like homicide, we come with the experience to help you avoid the maximum penalty and get the assistance you need. Often, we have helped clients get rehabilitated after facing serious drug charges that risk ruining their lives. We are veterans in the criminal courts in Alberta. We understand that your future and freedom are at stake due to the criminal charges you face.

We Fight for Your Rights and Freedom

We bring more than 40 years of combined experience in criminal law. Our lawyers have played an active role in every part of the criminal justice system, from the crime scenes to the courtrooms. We’ve also invested in all the resources and tools needed to build a strong defence strategy against any type of criminal charge, including drug and crime offences, domestic assault, sexual assault and white-collar crimes. We can help you avoid some of the serious consequences of a criminal conviction. We can even help get the charges dismissed so you can get a fresh start.

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Jim Lutz

Domestic Assault Charge

Contacting the complainant when you’re facing domestic assault charges can make the situation worse. If you’ve been accused of domestic assault, get in touch with Jim Lutz immediately. You will receive the guidance you need to address this matter in court.

Jillian Williamson

Criminal Charges

We help clients facing a variety of criminal charges get a successful outcome by protecting their rights and freedom. Our lawyers are highly experienced in criminal law and will handle the case with the attention it deserves.

Alias Sanders

Wrongful Convictions

If you’ve just received a guilty verdict and would like to submit an appeal, our lawyers can help. We’ve come across cases of innocent people wrongly convicted in Alberta courts. Contact Alias Sanders to help reverse your case.

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Our Team

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JILLIAN WILLIAMSON Calgary Criminal Lawyer


Customized Approach for Every Client

When you come to us for legal representation, expect a personalized approach that meets your needs. Jillian has practiced criminal law for years and has appeared at all levels of court in Alberta. Jillian’s case load is primarily sexual assault and drug related matters. Contact Jillian to build a strong defence against the sexual assault allegations you may be facing.

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Jim Lutz Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Jim Lutz

Experienced Criminal Lawyers

Jim has more than 30 years of experience in criminal law under his belt. With Jim on your side, you can rest assured that your rights and interests will be adequately protected. Jim has handled complex defence cases in Alberta courts and beyond.

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Alias Sanders Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Alias Sanders

Extensive Case Law Knowledge

With Alias by your side, you can rest assured that even the most complex criminal cases will be resolved in your favour. She is passionate and skilled at handling complex legal arguments. Alias has defended clients in appeals, wrongful convictions and serious crimes like homicides and drug offences.

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Our Clients' Experience

Clients We Helped Successfully

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Shawn Z

Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal

Jillian Williamson is a professional lawyer who always want to help people to step out their trouble in her field. She is smart, dedicated, and efficient. She is compassionate and willing to help those in need. So, when you are in trouble, consider her first.

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Cody Richards

Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal

I highly recommend Matthew Deshaye. I got charged with a DUI and Matt did an exceptional job he got it thrown out before trial. He kept me up to date as soon as he had any information. His assistant Dina Kruskic was amazing and very helpful with any questions I had. I can’t thank these two professionals enough for helping me get through this difficult situation in my life. 15/10

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Andre Aquino

Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal Testimonial Stars Alberta Legal

Thank you Jillian for helping me when I was under review of the police. I was so scared when I got contacted and I didn’t know what to do. Thank you for taking the time to help me and for everything she did. Jillian was great and I highly recommend her.

Criminal Law Practice Areas

Professional Lawyers Providing Legal Help in Airdrie

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Hiring Alberta Legal Calgary Criminal Lawyer

Finding the Right Lawyer Near You

If you’re facing criminal charges, getting a legal team that is experienced and skilled in criminal matters is important from the get-go. A proper legal team will build a strong defence and stand by you throughout the process.

At Alberta Legal, we work tirelessly to fight for you, no matter the complexity of your criminal case. Whether you’re facing sexual assault charges, homicide allegations or simple assault, no case is too small or too complex for our legal team. We give every case the attention to detail it needs and work to build a strong defence that helps uncover the truth in your favour.

When you choose us, expect the following:

  • Skilled & highly experienced criminal defence lawyers
  • Extensive experience in multiple areas of criminal law
  • Experience in defending clients at all levels of court
  • A solid defence strategy with a high chance of success

REQUEST A Free Consultation

What to Expect During your Free Consultation

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We will review the specifics of your case, including the allegations laid against you and explain the possible outcomes. We provide you with clear next steps, so you know exactly what to expect. Don’t wait. Call us today for proper legal representation.

Welcome to Alberta Legal. We are a team of experienced and qualified criminal defence lawyers ready to serve you.

We have been hired to represent clients at every level of court, using our experience and skill to deliver excellent results each time.

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