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Using Legal Technology To Break Law Practice Norms

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Using Legal Technology To Break Law Practice Norms

Posted on January 11, 2021

Ross Lutz Barristers Legal Technology Use

With everchanging technology, nearly every industry has started implementing changes to better serve the needs of their clients. The same goes for law offices.

You might imagine a traditional lawyer’s office with its overstuffed bookcases, cluttered desk and giant binders of paper documents. While this is still true, behind the scenes, legal technology is changing the world of law.

With the advancements of technology and software, lawyers are better able to serve their client’s needs. Digitization is helping us change the way we see and practice law. You might be wondering why this matters when you want to hire a criminal defence law firm. Below we will outline why and how lawyers are taking advantage of legal technology and what it means for you.

What Is Legal Technology?

Legal tech is all about the software and technology used by lawyers. This technology helps the process run smoothly. Think of it this way; we use our smartphones to look up directions or connect with friends. In the same way, legal tech assists many areas of legal services. There are many different forms of legal technology. It can range from management software to keep your case files organized to communication software which allows accessible communication between you and your lawyer.

Legal technology can help make your lawyer more accessible by providing video calls which makes meeting them virtually simple. Additionally, for those who struggle with hearing impairment or prefer to see people’s faces while conversing, video conferencing technology will serve you much better than a phone call.

Areas Of Legal Tech

Legal tech companies are changing the legal market in more ways than one. Because it is such a broad term, below are common ways it’s used with everyday law practices.

Areas Of Legal Tech Include:

  • Accounting
  • Document Storage
  • Case Management
  • Legal Research
  • Billing
  • Practice Management
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Document Automation

Legal technology also focuses on areas to support both client and lawyer. For example, these may include:

  • Data Security
  • E-Signing Tools
  • Cloud-Based Databases To Allow Data Access Across Departments
  • Legal Chatbots To Allow User Navigation On Basic Legal Inquiries
  • Digitalization And Automation Of Legal Workflows

Utilizing technology in various forms can help overcome growing digital challenges.

Ross Lutz Barristers Using Legal Technology

Legal Tech In Use

For example, legal research tools use AI to help online users find legal advice. Natural language processing and machine learning tools teach AI how to provide recommendations. If you need a quick answer to a legal question, a chatbot could help you right away.

Tech solutions can also create an online marketplace. Here, users can chat and keep in touch with different lawyers. This boots transparency, making it easier to create a trusting relationship.

How Are Lawyers Using The Technology?

By simplifying operations, lawyers can do their job in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner. Technology is helping decrease errors and increase information processing and analytics. This also means the adoption of new technology skillsets that weren’t necessary before.

With case management software, your lawyer can save time and effort by having your case organized and easily accessible in a digital form. As the world moves away from keeping files in filing cabinets, so does the legal world. By having a well-organized case using case management software, your lawyer will use less time pulling your documents and be able to focus on building your defence.

Legal Tech For The Present Conditions

The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged every aspect of our lives including law and court proceedings. Criminal cases must be tackled in ways we have not thought of before. As one example, clients can no longer meet in-person with their lawyers. For some people, meeting solely through phone calls can make it challenging to build a trusting relationship.


As a client, having a criminal charge is stressful enough. Legal technology can help to ease the struggles of not being able to meet face-to-face. Private videoconferencing tools can mimic a face-to-face experience so that you’re able to safely and privately meet with your lawyer.

CAlgary Lawyers Using Legal Technologies

Encryption Software

Multi-layer encryption software makes sure that the lawyer and client can work together and exchange confidential information. This type of software also allows lawyers to keep in touch with each other. Having a shareable cloud-based file minimizes back and forth and increases efficiency. All of this is becoming the norm as we proceed.

E-signing Tools

As mentioned above, e-signing tools have become necessary when physically signing documents is out of the question. Clients can sign documents such as retainers digitally. More lawyers are moving toward a cloud-based paperless system to improve efficiency, environmental sustainability, and workflow.

How Will It Help Me?

When your lawyer uses legal technologies, they are doing so in the interest of you. With new challenges emerging this year, using technology is key. It helps ensure you are receiving the highest standard of care and precision for your criminal case. Without it, your case may take much longer. When working with a lawyer, ask them how the software is being used to help you. If you have questions, ensure there is open communication about what it is and how it works.

By embracing new technologies and ways to navigate legal services, we are in an era where we are replacing old norms with new ones—providing efficient and precise legal services that benefit both the lawyer and the client.

If you currently have a criminal case, Ross Lutz Barristers is here to assist you. Our law association features prominent criminal defence and appellate lawyers who have experience defending cases at all levels of court. Contact us today and book a free consultation.