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Ross Lutz is an innovative criminal defence firm that strives in protecting and representing our clients in a way that no other law firm is doing. We have over 100 years of combined legal experience. We work every day to wrap a shield of protection around our clients. You can trust us to best represent you because of our experience and our dedication in delivering legal representation in a new and innovative way. 

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    Ross Lutz's Criminal Defence Lawyers

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    Kim Ross Calgary Criminal Lawyer

    Kim Ross

    (BA, LLB)

    Kim Ross has defended over 5,000 cases during his 32 years of practice. His focus is on criminal law, and he knows the ins and outs of every criminal charge in the Criminal Code. Trust in Mr. Ross's experience with criminal law to fight your charges. Contact our team today to begin building your defence.

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    Jim Lutz Calgary Criminal Lawyer

    Jim Lutz

    (Q.C., BA, LLB (HONS))

    James Lutz is an established criminal defence lawyer with over 4,000 cases during his 30 years of practice. He has experience at every level of court and is in court every day fighting for his clients. Mr. Lutz does not shy away from high-profile cases and is here to defend you no matter what the criminal charge is.

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    Alias Sanders Calgary Criminal Lawyer

    Alias Sanders

    (BA, LLB)

    Many senior lawyers regard Alias Sanders as "the best appeals lawyer of her generation." She has a vast knowledge of criminal law that helps her take apart complex arguments in her client's favour. When you're appealing your conviction or sentence, look no further than Ross Lutz Barristers to get your charges reversed.

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    Matthew DeShaye Calgary Criminal Lawyer

    Matthew DeShaye

    (BA, LLB)

    Matthew Deshaye is here to work tirelessly for his clients and to achieve the best possible outcome in their cases. Mr. Deshaye is backed by many academic achievements and experience working in criminal law. He is committed to exhausting every possible defence avenue to defend you against your charges.

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    Jillian Williamson Calgary Criminal Lawyer

    Jillian Williamson

    (BSC, J.D.)

    Jillian Williamson is an experienced criminal defence lawyer with a client-centred focus. She has experience as both a prosecutor and a defence lawyer, allowing her to understand exactly how the prosecution team thinks. Her expertise allows her to build a strong defence strategy, securing the best possible outcome for her clients.

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    Why Hire Us?

    Ross Lutz Barristers is a legal collective of the most highly skilled defence lawyers in Canada. Our lawyers have over 100 combined years of legal experience to assist you in defending your case. We are serious lawyers who defend serious allegations in court every single day. We will fight for your freedom. We defend cases at every level of court in Canada. No case is too big or too small for our team and that is because any criminal allegation is serious for you. Don’t wait. Contact us today.

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    Criminal Law Practice Areas

    Criminal Defence Lawyers

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    To avoid a criminal conviction, you need a well-practiced Calgary lawyer who has experience in all areas of criminal law. Hiring the right criminal defence lawyer could be the difference between walking free, reduced sentencing or spending the next 10 years of your life in prison. Let us defend you and fight your charges.

    Facing Charges

    When you're under investigation for a crime, it's essential that you retain a criminal defence lawyer. We're here to guide you through the process and prevent you from incriminating yourself. Our Calgary lawyers are here for you from the beginning to the end of this process.

    Sexual Assault

    Sexual offences are a highly complex area of law. Retaining a Calgary criminal defence lawyer that understands sexual assault law and the rules of evidence is crucial for your defence. Our team has successfully defended many sexual assault cases and can help you find the best possible outcome for your case.

    Drug Charges

    Charges for possession, production and trafficking of drugs are serious and can come with lengthy sentences. Don't leave your freedom up to chance. Our team will defend these charges to protect your reputation and freedom.


    Assault charges can be life-changing. Don't leave your defence to just any lawyer in Calgary. Ross Lutz Barrister's legal team will fight for your freedom at every step to find the best resolution for your specific case.

    Domestic Abuse

    When you're facing domestic abuse charges, you may face fines, a lengthy sentence, and potentially lose contact with your family or custody rights permanently. We can help prevent that. Contact us for a free consultation today.

    Fraud & Theft

    Fraud is the most common white-collar crime charge. We can help defend your fraud charges to avoid facing fines or sentencing. Your life doesn't have to be derailed by a fraud charge. Let our team of experienced lawyers in Calgary help protect your freedoms.

    Bail Hearings

    Handling a bail hearing the right way is the difference between you or your loved one being released while waiting for trial or having to stay in holding until your court date. Let us handle negotiating the conditions of your release on bail.


    Finding the right appellate lawyer will help you get your charges reversed. The appeals process can be complicated, and choosing the right Calgary lawyer ensures you have the best chance at getting your charges reversed and removed from your record.

    Experienced Defense Lawywers

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    Our Recent Cases

    Criminal Defence Lawyers

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    See our most recent cases and how we have successfully fought for our clients and their freedom. We are here to help you find the best possible outcome for your case.

    Charges Withdrawn In A Sexual Assault Case

    We recently defended our client in a case of sexual assault. Our client, Mr. SS, engaged in what he believed was a consensual threesome. He ended up being called to the police station and was arrested and charged with sexual assault. We were able to fight for our client and get his charges fully withdrawn.

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    Drug Possession & Huge Win In Preliminary Trial

    Our legal association recently defended our client charged with possession of methamphetamine and fentanyl for trafficking. If convicted, our client would have faced deportation. In the preliminary trial, the Crown decided to stay our client's charges, resulting in a huge win for him.

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    Armando Baccari & Fatal Self Defence

    We represented our client, Armando Baccari, in a high-profile case where he fatally shot his attacker in the act of self-defence. During the trial, the judge ruled that Baccari had "grave concern for his life and was justified in shooting the deceased." He was found not guilty of manslaughter.

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    Dismissal Of Second-Degree Murder Charge

    Our legal collective represented our client, CLH, against second-degree murder charges involving his wife. We successfully managed to get the charges dropped during a preliminary hearing in front of the Provincial Court of Alberta. The judge discharged our client, and his homicide charge was dropped.

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    Read Our Happy Clients' Reviews

    Clients We Have Defended Successfully

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    Kyla Halley

    Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

    Jillian helped my and my husband out of criminal charges. We were both charged. We were both scared because we have never been in trouble with the police before. I'm so thankful that we found her and that she could help us. She was amazing to watch in the courtroom. She is crazy skilled and although I am embarrassed to have been charged with a criminal offence, I am so thankful that we found her and that she could help us. Thank you, Jillian. You gave us our lives back. Thank you.

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    Ian Alexander

    Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

    I retained Jillian when I was facing multiple charges. She always answered my questions and communicated well regarding the situation I was in. The legal situation I was in complicated some job options I was looking at and Jillian was kind enough to provide letters to explain my situation to a potential employer. In court Jillian was well prepared and it resulted in the best possible outcome of the situation. I hopefully won't need to retain a criminal lawyer again, but if I do I'll be calling Jillian

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    Jan Ciganik

    Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

    I was involved in a motor vehicle case and I knew I needed outstanding representation. Jim Lutz ,Lacey and his team were nothing short of perfection. I was thoroughly impressed how he handled my case with expedited tenacity. The judicial system can be very confusing with how everything works ,but Mr. Lutz was very easy to communicate with and simplified everything. If you need a lawyer who is on the ball, Jim without a question is the person who should represent you. I highly recommend Mr. Lutz and his team! Thank you very much Sir and your team for all outstanding professional services.

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