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When you're facing criminal charges, it's essential to find the right Calgary defence lawyer to protect your freedom. We are here to represent you during this difficult time and defend your reputation. Our team at Ross Lutz Barristers consists of highly experienced and qualified Calgary defence lawyers who will defend you tirelessly for the best possible outcome.

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    At Ross Lutz Barristers, we are here for you every step of the way. Facing criminal charges is stressful enough. Finding the right criminal lawyer in Calgary shouldn't add to that stress. We are here to educate, support and represent you while we fight for your freedom.

    Over 100 Years Of Combined Experience

    Our team has over 100 years of combined experience defending cases at all levels of court in Canada. When you choose us, you choose a Calgary defence team with the knowledge and court experience to protect you best.

    A Reputation Of Success

    Ross Lutz Barristers provides you with a unique opportunity to connect with several skilled Calgary criminal defence lawyers.

    Through our virtual law collective, Ross Lutz is the way to connect with several top Calgary criminal defence lawyers in one spot. Rather than reach out to multiple law firms, we offer an opportunity to find the right lawyer for you with just one phone call.

    Our lawyers have joined together to give you quick access to legal professionals in one spot, rather than searching and calling multiple law firms to find the right lawyer for you.

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    Criminal Law Practice Areas

    Criminal Defence Lawyers

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    To avoid a criminal conviction, you need a well-practiced Calgary lawyer who has experience in all areas of criminal law. Hiring the right criminal defence lawyer could be the difference between walking free, reduced sentencing or spending the next 10 years of your life in prison.

    Facing Charges

    When you're under investigation for a crime, it's essential that you retain a criminal defence lawyer. We're here to guide you through the process and prevent you from incriminating yourself. Our Calgary lawyers are here for you from the beginning to the end of this process.

    Sexual Assault

    Sexual offences are a highly complex area of law. Retaining a Calgary criminal defence lawyer that understands sexual assault law and the rules of evidence is crucial for your defence. Our team has successfully defended many sexual assault cases and can help you find the best possible outcome for your case.

    Drug Charges

    Charges for possession, production and trafficking of drugs are serious and can come with lengthy sentences. Don't leave your freedom up to chance. Our team will defend these charges to protect your reputation and freedom.


    Assault charges can be life-changing. Don't leave your defence to just any lawyer in Calgary. Ross Lutz Barrister's legal team will fight for your freedom at every step to find the best resolution for your specific case.

    Domestic Abuse

    When you're facing domestic abuse charges, you may face fines, a lengthy sentence, and potentially lose contact with your family or custody rights permanently. We can help prevent that. Contact us for a free consultation today.

    Fraud & Theft

    Fraud is the most common white-collar crime charge. We can help defend your fraud charges to avoid facing fines or sentencing. Your life doesn't have to be derailed by a fraud charge. Let our team of experienced lawyers in Calgary help protect your freedoms.

    Bail Hearings

    Handling a bail hearing the right way is the difference between you or your loved one being released while waiting for trial or having to stay in holding until your court date. Let us handle negotiating the conditions of your release on bail.


    Finding the right appellate lawyer will help you get your charges reversed. The appeals process can be complicated, and choosing the right Calgary lawyer ensures you have the best chance at getting your charges reversed and removed from your record.

    Our Clients' Experience

    Clients We Have Defended Successfully

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    Liam Nelson

    Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

    Dedication, Support, Ethic, Knowledge, Experience, Sharp and Direct. All the qualities your are looking for in a lawyer, they have it all and some. But JILLIAN WILLIAMSON was my guardian angel. Being a Client, I was comfortable to blindly leave my fate in their hands. That was a real well placed investment in the future of my life. I second, promote, referred and all the synonym possible to anybody facing an up hill battle and needs the support and experience to help you go through it.

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    Sahi Sahi

    Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

    I was hopeless, I thought to myself my days are counted. I kept on repeating the things that happened that day in my head every single day that it affected my mental state. To the point where just having to think of the trial made me feel sick and scared. God, please help me I said, and then I met Jillian Williamson, who helped me. Jillian, You're such a brilliant lawyer. I am so grateful for your passion,dedication and professionalism. My english is so bad but you're still trying to understand every each details im saying. In the day that we won the case, I don't know how or express my happiness. I will always remember you Jillian for the rest of my life. You saved me Jillian you helped me. Please if anyone of you needs help, JILLIAN WILLIAMSON is the 100% answer. Proof of her work? Im free and happy. That's because of her. Thanks again Jillian 🙂

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    Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

    Jim Lutz and his firm did an extensive amount of work for our family to ensure the best outcome! Mr. Lutz is respectable, meticulous and highly regarded by the Judicial system. I highly recommend his services as our family was honoured to have a qualified individual to represent our family.

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    Chenelle Carmel

    Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers Testimonial Stars Ross Lutz Barristers

    As a family member of an accused person I can tell you that it's no fun to be there when your loved one is taken into custody by the police. My husband had the misfortune of being charged with some whit collar crimes for which we asked Williamson to represent him. I was thrilled with her communication since family members are often left in the Dark as to what's going on. She followed up with me to keep me assured that things were going to be just fine. She assisted in getting my husband released on a couple occasions and then she defended him on the charges he was facing. In the end he was found innocent thanks to Attorney Williamson's experience with the criminal justice system. If you're in need a lawyer for a family member who's gotten into trouble, I highly recommend Jillian Williamson without reservation.

    Our Defence Lawyers

    Pick The Best Representation For Your Case

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    Kim Ross Calgary Criminal Lawyer

    Kim Ross

    Handled more than 5,000 cases

    Kim was called to the Alberta Bar in 1988 and has since spent his career focused on criminal law. He is exceptionally experienced with over 5,000 cases and 32 years of practice under his belt.

    Read Full Bio
    Jim Lutz Calgary Criminal Lawyer

    Jim Lutz

    Over 30 Years Of Experience

    Jim is a criminal trial defence lawyer. His practice covers everything from serious violent offences to drug cases involving illegal search and seizure of evidence and complex defence cases.

    Read Full Bio
    Alias Sanders Calgary Criminal Lawyer

    Alias Sanders

    Vast Knowledge Of Case Law

    Alias has argued over 200 cases at the Alberta Court of Appeal and is also regarded for her encyclopedic knowledge of case law. She will take apart complex arguments for your defence.

    Read Full Bio
    Matthew DeShaye Calgary Criminal Lawyer

    Matthew DeShaye

    Tirelessly Defending You

    Matthew has extensive experience successfully defending clients charged with a broad range of criminal offences, including impaired driving, drug related charges, violent offences, and sexual assault cases.

    Read Full Bio
    Jillian Williamson Calgary Criminal Lawyer

    Jillian Williamson

    Client-Centered Focus

    Jillian is an experienced litigator in criminal, quasi-criminal and regulatory cases. She has extensive experience in sexual assault litigation and has argued at all levels of court in Alberta.

    Read Full Bio

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