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Domestic Assault  Charges Withdrawn

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Our criminal lawyer Calgary, Jillian, recently had several domestic assault charges withdrawn. Her client was charged with assaulting his girlfriend in different ways. Her client asserted that he never assaulted his domestic partner. Both parties had been drinking. He explained that she stumbled during the course of the evening and received some minor bruising and redness as a result. The complainant alleged, after a night of drinking, that her client became enraged at her. She said he screamed at her and flew off the handle, where he punched, hit and spit on her.

Ms. Williamson reviewed the case file, met with her client and prepared for action. Ms. Williamson advised her client to engage in and complete some coursework. Her client did, and eventually, Jillian convinced the crown to withdraw the charges. In order for the crown to pursue criminal charges, the prosecutor must be satisfied it is in the public interest to continue the prosecution and that there is a reasonable likelihood of conviction. A capable and strategic defence lawyer will attack both prongs of that test in order to convince the prosecutor to withdraw the charges.

In some cases, completing courses and/or participating in counselling can assist your lawyer in pursuing a dismissal of your case. In other cases, some programs may become options your lawyer can enroll you in order to get the charges dropped.

This case demonstrates the need for a smart and strategic defence lawyer to navigate the criminal justice system. When you have a lawyer that communicates and is transparent with you, you have a better chance of getting through the criminal justice system unscathed. Well done, Jillian!

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