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Assault with a Weapon, Mischief, Assault and Uttering Threats Charges – Withdrawn

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Jillian Williamson recently represented a young man charged with assault with a weapon (bear spray), simple assault, possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous to the public peace, mischief, and uttering threats.

In this case, her client was lured to a public place by his ex-girlfriend. He chose to attend but believed he could be harmed by her friends. He was worried about his safety, so he brought a cannister of bear spray. As the situation unfolded an incident occurred. Bear spray was discharged, and physical contact occurred between her client and another unknown male who accompanied his ex-girlfriend. All parties experienced some injuries as a result of the situation. Ms. Williamson’s client was later arrested. An investigation occurred where the police officers collected statements, photos and surrounding surveillance videos.

Next, the legal work began. Ms. Williamson met with her client and obtained his version of events. Building a case strategy takes skill and experience. In this case, Ms. Williamson put together a robust mitigation plan that ultimately convinced the prosecutor to withdraw all charges.

This case demonstrates how integral it is for the criminal lawyer and client to work together to achieve the best possible outcome. In this case, because her client was so young, she was able to empower his family to assist in the mitigation work. In some cases, medical information is critical and in others it may take a more creative approach to get the best possible result.

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